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SB Marine was founded by a naval architect from IIT, Kharagpur, having experience of more than 28 years in marine and offshore Oil & Gas industry.

Within the short span since its inception, SB Marine has earned high reputation in the Maritime and Offshore Oil & Gas industry as technologically sound and reliable consulting company.

  • SB Marine has recently successfully completed conversion engineering of an existing Ro-Ro Passenger
    Ferry to a fully Seagoing 535 Passenger Ship.
  • We are currently executing complete design of 2375 CuM Split Barge for an European client
  • We are currently executing complete design of 55m self propelled Spud Barge for client in UAE
  • We are currently executing complete design of 550 CuM Split Barge for UAE client
  • Presently executing Concept Engineering for highly sophisticated 235m IPORT vessel (Intermediate
    floating Heli Port) design for European Client
  • SB Marine designed 2 Nos. Crew Boat with SPS code first time in India with IRS class. The 36
    person capacity steel vessel has achieved 16kn speed.
  • Successfully completed 1100 Man days in ONGC offshore platform site for , Manual & Laser
    sketching and preparation of piping isometric drawings.
  • Undertaken a complete design project for 55m self propelled spud barge for Marine & civil
    Construction for an overseas client.
  • Piping Designers are available on deputation basis for onsite or office job anywhere having
    knowledge on HP3D, PDMS, Isometric, Caesar II software etc.

> Concept & initial design..

> Project management..

> Conversion engineering..

> Vessel load out & analysis..

> Ballasting sequence during..

> Sea-fastening design..

> Structural check of barge..

> Vessel motion analysis..

> Mooring and berthing..

> Global and longitudinal..

> Lifting and Jacket upending..

> Sub-sea Pipe Laying..

> Salvage Response Analysis..

> All analysis done as per ABS..

Sample Jobs

Recent Job Reference

> 72m Oil Tanker Design..

> Installation Engineering..

> 24m Crew Boat with SPS..

> 41m Catamaran Floating..

> Concept Engineering of..

> Lifting analysis for existing..

> Design of Elevated Platform..

> Conversion of 105m cable..

> Jacket launching and analysis..

> Mooring and Tow analysis ..

> Motion analysis of catamaran..

> Structural Analysis for 225..

> Jack-up In-place analysis..

> 32” & 40” Dia Sub-sea pipe..